Individual Budget Support

Individual Budgets allow you to manage the right for you.

Thousands of people across the country  live more independently as a result of using the Individual Budget Scheme.

What are Individual Budgets

Individual Budgets are a grant of funds to help you live independently. Instead of your local authority providing you with a service, they allocate you funds which you can use to purchase services for yourself. Direct Payments are available to people who are physically disabled, elderly, have a learning difficulty, mental health difficulty or a long term illness.

Individual Budgets for Children

Unlike Direct Payments for adults, the parent or guardian of a child with disabilities is allocated funds.

How to get an Individual Budget

Contact us, we will talk to you about what you need and support you to meet your social worker and go through the necessary steps to get you package up and running.

Individual Budget Support

We can help you to:

  • Create a support plan to explain what you intend to do with your Individual Budget
  • Meet and talk to your social worker to put your support plan into motion
  • Set up a bank account specifically for your Individual Budget
  • Run a payroll system for you that reports in “real time”
  • Put together financial records so the local authority can see you are managing your funds well
  • Advertise positions and support you to recruit the right member of staff
  • Write contracts and produce documents you need to employ someone
  • Understand different aspects of being an employer and provide support to stop you making mistakes
  • Find insurers who can cover you in case the unexpected happens
  • Make sure your Individual Budget keeps up with your needs with on-going support and development of your support plan

What can the Individual Budgets be used for?

Individual Budgets can be used for pretty much anything that is not illegal, addictive, medical, or for which there is already a benefit (e.g. fuel is paid for through Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment – Mobility Component so cannot be purchased with an Individual Budget).

Individual Budgets can be used for activities such as going to the cinema, gym and other clubs.

If your usual supporters need a break, instead of going into respite care, you can use your Individual Budget to help you go to see family and friends or even go on holiday.

So long as the service you purchase enables you to fulfill the outcomes you agree with your social worker in your support plan, you can pretty much do anything, go anywhere…the sky is the limit!